Full Waxing Services


Waxing provides smoother and longer lasting results by removing the hair from the root, whereas shaving cuts the hair right below the skin’s surface, causing a prickly feel days after shaving. Waxing is also healthier because it provides a physical exfoliation, removing lifeless surface cells!

Full Leg Waxing (No Bikini)

45 Minutes For $65

Full Leg Waxing (With Bikini)

60 Minutes For $85

Upper Leg Waxing (No Bikini)

45 Minutes For $50

Upper Leg Waxing (With Bikini)

60 Minutes For $65

Lower Leg Waxing

25 Minutes For $40

Bikini (Sides Only)

15 Minutes For $24

This includes two inches on each side of the pubic area, it would be located at the sides of a bathing suit. It also includes one inch off the top.

French Bikini

30 Minutes For $40

French Bikini- the entire pubic region is waxed accept for a strip in the center.

Women’s Brazilian Wax

30 Minutes For $55

This includes all of the hair in the pubic area, everything in the front, and the hair between the buttocks. Some women choose to leave a small “landing strip” or choose not to do the back. Each of these are still in the realm of a Brazilian wax.

Add a post-wax treatment to your Brazilian wax for an additional $30!

Our post-Brazilian treatment lasts up to 30 minutes post Brazilian wax or shave. Helps to soothe, hydrate, heal and brighten with ingrown hairs and discoloration. We will start with steam to help soften the skin, making the ingrown hairs to extract easily. We will proceed with high frequency to eliminate bacteria and one of our infamous hydro jelly masks will be applied. Made with organic ingredients and dried herbs and plants. We will then finish with an application of our FDA approved Finipil cream.

Male Brazilian Wax

45 Minutes For $75

A standard Brazilian includes buttox, butt-crack, scrotum, shaft and mound, leaving you feeling completely smooth and clean. Some men choose to leave a small patch of hair above the shaft.


15 Minutes for $18


5 Minutes for $10


30 Minutes for $30

Full Arm

45 Minutes for $40

Stomach Patch

20 Minutes for $29

We wax a 2″–3″ wide area from the belly button down to the waistline.

Full Stomach

25 Minutes for $45

Back Waxing

60 Minutes for $50+

Neck & Shoulder

45 Minutes for $30

Buttocks Wax

20 Minutes for $50

The buttocks wax will get all the hair in this area plus in the crevasse. Starts at $50.00

Full Face

30 Minutes for $45

Side Burns

10 Minutes for $20


3 Minutes for $10

Lower Lip

5 Minutes for $10

Upper Lip Wax

5 Minutes for $10

Eyebrow Wax

15 Minutes for $12


10 Minutes for $15


10 Minutes for $15

The top part of your hands including fingers if needed. Starts at $ 15.00

Eyebrow Wax

10 Minutes for $12

Men’s Chest

60 Minutes for $45

Full Body Wax

This full body wax includes, full face, full legs, buttocks, back and full arms. This may need to be completed in two separate appointments. Starts at $200+

Please Note: Spafinder, spawish, spaweek and any other offer including corporate reward program are not applicable towards spa packages.

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