Eye Lash Extension in Massachusetts

                  Eyelash Extensions in Worcester Massachusetts

Newly developed Blink Eyelash Extensions are designed to enhance your natural beauty.  Blink Eyelash Extensions transform natural lashes into lush, beautiful, longer lashes that look stunning. We take appointments on this service on Wednesday and Thursday. Please call and make your appointment today 508-756-5555

Because Blink Eyelash Extensions are weightless and waterproof, they are resistant to showering, perspiration, exercise, tears, swimming and even sleeping. Blink Eyelash Extensions stay on for up to 2 months or longer so you can have attractive, elegant, fuller looking lashes  any place, anytime.

The “Madonna” adds up to 4 lash sizes $225+ (3 hours) 

The “J-Lo” adds up to 3 lash sizes $200+ (2.5 hours)

The “Princess Kate” adds up to 2 lash sizes $175 (2 hours)

Fill for “Madonna” $75.00 (3-4 weeks from original appointment)

Fill for “J-Lo” $65.00 (3-4 weeks from original appointment)

Fill for “Princess Kate” $55.00 (3-4 weeks from original appointment)

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